Arbaaz Khan-Shura Khan nikah: Salim Khan chats with newlywed, Arhaan plays guitar

Actor-director Arbaaz Khan got married to makeup artist Shura Khan on December 24. In inside photos shared online, Arbaaz's dad Salim Khan can be seen in a conversation with the new couple.

(Photo: Instagram)

In an inside video, Arhaan Khan can be seen playing guitar as happy dad Arbaaz Khan captured him on his phone. 

(Photo: Instagram)

Arbaaz Khan shared a clip on his Instagram story too.

(Photo: Arbaaz Khan/Instagram)

Yasmin Karachiwala posed with the couple.

(Photo: Yasmin Karachiwala/Instagram)

Deanne Panday shared more inside clicks from Arbaaz and Shura Khan's wedding.

(Photo: Deanne Panday/Instagram)

The guests at the wedding posed for a click. 

(Photo: Deanne Panday/Instagram)

Sanjay Kapoor posted, "Congratulations darling ❤️ lots of love @arbaazkhanofficial @sshurakhan."

(Photo: Sanjay Kapoor/Instagram)


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