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Buying Rs 100 AirPods? Here’s why you should steer clear of these fakes

Buying fake AirPods is risky on many levels, here is why you should stay away from them.

Fake AirPodsFake AirPods from Hong Kong market (Image credit: Nandagopal Rajan/The Indian Express)

It’s quite common to find cheap AirPod knockoffs in 2023, some priced as low as Rs 100 a pair. From roadside vendors to online e-commerce websites, there’s no shortage of these fake AirPods. Initially intriguing, the consequences of owning a fake electronic accessory that goes inside your ear are more concerning than you could imagine.

It’s hard to distinguish

Even if you have an eye for detail, it’s challenging to distinguish between some of the fake, also known as first-copy AirPods, and the real deal. Some fake AirPods even mimic the seamless setup process when paired with an iPhone. When you cross-check the serial number, they might appear genuine.

This is why it’s crucial to buy accessories like wireless earphones from trusted sources—such as the brand’s official store, website, or a major e-commerce platform—instead of a roadside vendor. They might try to convince you that these are the real deal, selling them cheap due to being part of a “shipwreck” or illegal imports.

AirPods An artistic illustration of a music note using AirPods at an Apple Store (Image credit: Nandagopal Rajan/The Indian Express)

Initially, they might seem great. They pair swiftly with your phone and offer seemingly good quality. However, there’s a high chance that once they run out of battery, you can’t recharge them, rendering them useless. This could be because the manufacturer used a non-rechargeable battery or the charging port might only be for visual purposes. There’s also a possibility of a short circuit, leading to bigger issues.

Then comes the most concerning part—your ear. There’s a chance of a battery explosion due to excess heat or a short circuit. And you can’t blame the company because these are fake AirPods.

Festive offer

That’s why it’s almost always best to get a genuine accessory, especially if it’s a product that stays on your body.

Five tips to identify fake AirPods

If they are cheap, they are probably fake.
Look closely at the font and other brand trademarks on the box.
Always cross-verify the serial number, although it could mislead sometimes.
Check if the earbuds have some sort of LED lights, which the original AirPods do not.
Compare them meticulously with the original product.

AirPods Colourful AirPods? They are probably fake (Image credit: Nandagopal Rajan/The Indian Express)

Five tips to buy genuine AirPods

Buy from genuine platforms. If buying from e-commerce websites, always look for sellers’ ratings.
Physically inspect the product.
Check/test all the advertised features.
Try to locate them on Find My Device.
If still in doubt, go to the Apple store and verify them.

It is understandable that many of us can’t afford the Apple AirPods. In such a case it is better to get an affordable wireless earbuds set than buying a fake pair, however cheap it might be. Now there are enough good wireless audio options for prices as low as Rs 1000. Stay safe.

First published on: 24-12-2023 at 09:50 IST
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