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Meet the Chandigarh man who saves lives and generates Rs 100 crore

From operating out of a small house in Hyderabad, the concept has grown into a £10 million revenue generator for Prabhdeep Singh.

chandigarh manPrabhdeep Singh, a resident of Mohali's Phase VII, believes that the drive to solve a problem propels success.

In 2014, Prabhdeep Singh’s father encountered a medical emergency, and it took his mother an hour to locate an ambulance. Those critical moments ignited an idea in Prabhdeep while he was abroad—to establish a tech-based ambulance service in India.

From operating out of a small house in Hyderabad, the concept has grown into a £10 million revenue generator for Prabhdeep Singh. The satisfaction of rescuing patients during their crucial golden hour is a significant reward.

Prabhdeep Singh, a resident of Mohali’s Phase VII, believes that the drive to solve a problem propels success. As the first-generation businessman in his family, his father retired as a Professor from NIPER Mohali, while his mother is a homemaker.

Genesis of the Idea


The concept for Red.Health struck me during my tenure in Brazil while working for Glenmark. However, back in India, my father’s medical emergency and the struggle to find an ambulance for him sparked the idea for a tech-based ambulance service. I envisaged a service akin to ride-hailing, providing rapid emergency medical assistance. That’s how Red.Health came into existence. Presently, we deploy 400+ ambulances and collaborate with over 10,000 ambulance fleets across various states.

Implementing the Vision

Before commencing the business, I conducted a trial run in 2016 in Hyderabad. It started modestly, operating from a small house with a single ambulance, but gradually expanded. Today, we have not only established a sizeable office in Hyderabad but also extended operations nationwide, covering major cities like Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai, offering immediate emergency response.

Festive offer

Our services now span 17 cities, including our upcoming launch in Chandigarh. The journey from Chandigarh to where Red.Health stands today has been both challenging and rewarding. A personal experience ignited the idea, leading to the inception of this tech-enabled ambulance service, recognising the need for efficient emergency medical assistance.

Entrepreneurial Journey and Expansion

Red.Health has progressed significantly from its initial challenges in setting up the technology infrastructure to gaining local community support. We started in one city and expanded to 17 states across India. As our traction grew in Delhi-NCR, strategic expansion plans followed, culminating in us partnering with established hospitals like Fortis in Chandigarh.


While we’re exploring international opportunities, our primary focus remains on providing immediate and reliable ambulance services wherever we operate, ensuring prompt assistance for those in need.

Academic Journey and Beyond

My academic path includes an MBA from INSEAD in Paris, a transformative experience that followed my schooling as the topper at Guru Nanak Public School in Sector 36 Chandigarh. Learning was always a priority, and education was a gateway to knowledge, not just grades.

Marks, in my view, are one aspect of academic performance and not necessarily a definitive measure of one’s capabilities. Real-world accomplishments demand a combination of skills, including adaptability, resilience, creativity, and interpersonal abilities.

Empowering Chandigarh’s Ecosystem


Chandigarh can enhance talent retention by fostering an ecosystem supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.

This includes establishing co-working spaces, promoting collaboration between businesses and educational institutions, and offering incentives for startups. Cultural and recreational enhancements would contribute to a more appealing environment for professionals.

Governmental support for start-ups

Governments can bolster ventures like Red.Health by providing financial incentives, simplifying regulatory procedures, and granting tax benefits for innovative startups. Additionally, fostering collaboration between government, academia, and industry can create an enabling environment. Accessible funding and mentorship programs are also crucial for emerging businesses.

Leisure and Advice for Entrepreneurs

In my leisure, I engage in activities that aid relaxation and rejuvenation. Reading, sports, fitness routines, and family time are pivotal for a balanced life. To budding entrepreneurs, I stress the significance of perseverance, genuine passion, and a supportive network. Learning from both successes and failures is integral to entrepreneurial growth.

Opinion on Chandigarh

I admire Chandigarh’s planned layout and tranquillity but advocate for a more dynamic and diverse business environment. Encouraging innovation could transform Chandigarh into a hub for emerging industries and talent, fostering greater prosperity and opportunities.

First published on: 25-12-2023 at 08:14 IST
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