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Nysa Devgan is ‘misunderstood’, Janhvi Kapoor is ‘therapist, advisor’: Orry opens up on Bollywood friendships, says Kartik Aaryan doesn’t reply to him

Orry participated in a Reddit AMA recently, where he spilled the tea about Bollywood celebrities, and revealed who his best friend in the film industry is.

orry janhvi kapoorOrry described Janhvi Kapoor as his best friend in the film industry.

Internet sensation Orry, aka Orhan Awatramani, opened up about his closest friends in the film industry and spilled the tea about Bollywood celebrities. Orry rose to fame on Instagram, where he regularly posts pictures from high-profile events featuring actors, politicians and businesspersons. In a recent Reddit AMA session, Orry was asked if there’s anybody that he considers a real friend in the industry, which can be ‘fake’ at times.

He said, “My closet from the industry is Janhvi Kapoor, I think JK has part timer as my therapist, my advisor, my teacher, my guru, my life coach, my cheerleader, my support system, etc etc she has always been the real deal to me. Says it how it is and says it with love. There was a time 3 years ago, I hit a very dark rock bottom in my life, and I kid you not, this girl has sat with me on the phone (we were in different countries) and baby sat me for days, weeks, months. Between sets, between meals, between sleep. I would have been so traumatised if I was her, but she is such a strong girl, the life raft of my life. I would not be where I am, or even how happy I am if JK did not have my back, back then and today. I may sound like a suck up/a fan/or even a minion, but idgaf credit where credit is due dude. There has not been a moment I have been conscious, scared, embarrassed to share any detail of my life with her, no matter how low or humiliating it could be.”

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Orry also defended his friend Nysa Devgan, the daughter of Ajay Devgn and Kajol, against the criticism and trolling that she receives on social media for her looks. Asked to rate his friendship with her, Orry replied, “11/10. Lots of ppl misunderstand her and jump to conclusions.. and cause she’s so private + no public insta she has no way of shutting down rumours and nonsense .. it must be annoying .. and media lives to tear apart little girls.”

Orry also gossiped about other film stars, and said that Shruti Haasan was ‘very, very rude’ to him once, and described him as a ‘Pune’, which he thought was insulting. But, he said, Jacqueline Fernandez is the most ‘genuine’ person in the industry, and doesn’t have a mean bone in her body. Asked about his relationship with Kartik Aaryan, Orry shut down all rumours of a beef, and replied, “Nothing of the sort, we dm every other day and I spam him with snap chats that he does not reply to.”

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First published on: 26-12-2023 at 14:16 IST
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