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Tech News Today: Pixel 8 Pro gains new capabilities, Microsoft copilot can generate music, and more

Tech News Today (December 24, 2023): Google just added the headline feature for its flagship smartphone -- Pixel 8 Pro via a software update and Microsoft adds more capabilities to its GPT-4 powered co-pilot, and more.

Pixel 8 ProGoogle Pixel 8 Pro (Image credit: Google)

Tech News Today in India: If you are a Pixel 8 Pro smartphone user, then Google just made the video recording capabilities a lot better by introducing video boost technology via a software update and Microsoft’s generative-AI powered co-pilot can now generate music, for free.

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    Pixel 8 Pro gains video boost technology

    Video boost is one of the key highlights of the Pixel 8 Pro's video recording capability via the December Pixel drop software update. The latest update introduces video boost, which uses AI technologies to enhance the quality of the footage, especially in low-light situations. Content shot using the video boost technology offers enhanced dynamic range, improves sharpness, and stabilises videos after they have been uploaded to Google Photos.

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    Microsoft Copilot can now generate music

    Microsoft's GPT-4 powered Copilot, available for free on PCs running on Windows 10/11 OS can now generate music for free. Users can input a simple text prompt and Copilot will compose a music that matches the description. Copilot also offers Dall. E 3 powered image generation, and it offers text-based conversations, similar to other generative-AI-powered chatbots.

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    OnePlus Open gains new features

    OnePlus released a new software update for the OnePlus Open, which improves stability and enhances security. While the latest software update is still based on Android 13 OS, the update claims to reduce per-app power consumption, which should help the device deliver enhanced battery life. The update also claims to improve the overall camera performance of the device.

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    Apple to halt Watch Series 9, Watch Ultra 2 sale during Christmas in US

    Apple to halt the sale of Watch Series 9 and the Watch Ultra 2 in the US to comply with the ITC ruling. On top of that, it is also reported that Apple will not be able to offer repair services to older watches due to the infringement of an oximeter patent which Masimo owns. However, both models will be available via third-party sellers like Amazon until the stocks last.

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    Google to restructure ad business

    Google is restructuring its ad business and the company currently has a sales team with over 30,000 employees. Google plans on using machine learning to make users buy more relevant ads and will be automated and it is also said that the company will revamp the revenue sharing structure.

First published on: 24-12-2023 at 13:06 IST
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