Tuesday, Dec 26, 2023


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Jhumpa Lahiri

Jhumpa Lahiri: Identity is not a fixed entity, not something we should comfortably take for grantedPremium Story

December 24, 2023 07:07 IST

Jhumpa Lahiri on being an outsider everywhere, telling the other side of the Roman story in her new book Roman Stories and the importance of defending free speech

A coppersmith barbet

Birds come to lazybirdersPremium Story

December 23, 2023 11:45 IST

All you need to do is stay put in one place all day and watch the birds come and go in the normal course of the day

This Christmas, I will strive to become the seed of the mango that will bring a harvest of sweet, tasty indulgence to all I meet.

Reap what you sowPremium Story

December 24, 2023 19:03 IST

Christmas is when we must rise above our divides and come together to plant seeds of change

Fire on the Ganges: Life among the dead in Banaras. Radhika Iyengar. HarperCollins. 352 pages, Rs 600.

Radhika Iyengar’s Fire on the Ganges is a nuanced exploration of the business of death in Banaras through the lens of caste

December 17, 2023 20:14 IST

Iyengar tells the story of the Dalit community of Doms but is careful never to allow the authorial “I” to overpower the narrative, reflecting instead on the privilege that it occupies

kashmir, trekking

How a trek in Kashmir revealed not just the beauty of the mountains, but also captured snapshots of changePremium Story

December 17, 2023 20:24 IST

Local recruitment of militants from Kashmir declined from 143 in 2019 to a mere 30 in 2023. Of the 47 militants killed in 2023, 37 were Pakistanis. For the first time in the 33 years of militancy, four times more foreign terrorists were eliminated than local Kashmiris

suvir saran

Exciting is the new beginning that stares us in the face for the year aheadPremium Story

December 16, 2023 22:29 IST

As I get ready to bid adieu to 2023 and start 2024, I wish to be a more mindful human being. When we live and love with purpose and give equality of value to the others, we find ourselves living and loving harmoniously

Shah Rukh Khan, Pathaan

After two years, Bollywood made a comeback in 2023, riding on Shah Rukh Khan’s coattails

December 18, 2023 07:07 IST

On January 25, Shah Rukh Khan turned up in our movie halls as Pathaan. Those who had been quiet during the months he had been resolutely silent, biding his time with his son in prison on a trumped-up charge, voted with their cash

A leopard or laced moray eel

A curious eye will help you spot the thriving ecosystem around beachesPremium Story

December 13, 2023 18:29 IST

From soldier crabs, sand-bubblers and the grey reef heron to eels and starfish, there's plenty of wildlife in and around beaches to observe and admire

Kristoffer Borgli

I wanted dreams to feel as serious to the dreamers as to the audience: Kristoffer Borgli on Dream ScenarioPremium Story

December 10, 2023 07:00 IST

The Norwegian's latest feature, starring Nicholas Cage, is a social satire where a man becomes famous after he appears in dreams of strangers

no boat ride on the Mekong or a cruise at Trang An is complete without boatwomen

How Vietnam comes alive through its women bikers and boatwomenPremium Story

December 18, 2023 13:44 IST

From running businesses to their war-riddled history of female revolutionaries, it's the women who are the face of the country's culture and way of life


At 90, Madhur Jaffery still has a few spices up her sleevePremium Story

December 10, 2023 19:20 IST

As her classic book on Indian cuisine completes four decades, actor and author Madhur Jaffrey talks about being an accidental cook, introducing the West to Indian recipes, and the show that made her a star

Radhakrishnan’s retrospective in Bikaner House, Delhi

How sculptor KS Radhakrishnan brings alive the migrant experiencePremium Story

December 9, 2023 10:00 IST

A retrospective show at Bikaner House, New Delhi, celebrates fifty years of Radhakrishnan's artistic career, who learnt from Ramkinkar Baij and Somnath Hore

Amrit Bhawan Haridwar, Haridwar ghats stories, Haridwar pilgrimage destination

How havelis in Haridwar are making this once-pilgrimage town an urban youth attractionPremium Story

December 10, 2023 12:47 IST

Haridwar expands its road to the future with novel experiences, from market walks to delectable thaalis

himalayan trekking experience

What the call of the Himalayas entailsPremium Story

December 8, 2023 10:20 IST

As one gingerly steps into the icy water, a thousand needles prick your bare feet, and you have trouble believing you signed up to do this for fun

Twinkle Khanna with her new book Welcome to Paradise

Did not cave into the pressure of being funny in new book, says Twinkle Khanna

December 19, 2023 18:26 IST

The actor talks about writing her fourth book, Welcomes to Paradise, going back to college in her late 40s and her unending love for the craft of writing

Spiral pattern made by a sand bubbler crab

The Rangoli CrabsPremium Story

December 6, 2023 10:19 IST

A look at the lives of sand bubbler crabs and soldier crabs, which are responsible for the beautiful spiral rangoli-like patterns on beaches

Bihar’s trolley girls dance in cages to fend off unwanted attention (Courtesy: Ranjan Rahi)

The caged bird dances. Inside the world of Bihar’s trolley dancersPremium Story

December 4, 2023 17:55 IST

In rural Bihar, the wedding season is a buzz with trolley dancers. What makes them the show stoppers and the business of making these trolleys more than just a song and dance

India’s National Security Challenges. Edited by NN Vohra. Primus Books. (124 pages, Rs 995)

Former Principal Secy NN Vohra underlines need for national security policy in new volumePremium Story

December 2, 2023 17:40 IST

The book compiles expert voices from all quarters, including the navy, army and air force  

Credit: A scene from the musical ( Brinkhoff/Mögenburg.© LITTLESTAR )

What lead actor of the ABBA musical MAMMA MIA! hopes for from IndiaPremium Story

December 2, 2023 12:36 IST

Sara Poyzer, lead actor of the widely popular musical MAMMA MIA!, on performing ABBA's songs and marrying her real-life husband at the end of each show

A visitor to the pool wall was a small frog, camouflaged in ‘leather-jacket’ fatigues, the kind you see on macho bikers

Why it’s important to notice the little things that matterPremium Story

November 29, 2023 10:00 IST

From watching frogs heady in chlorinated swimming pools to hosting cannibalistic lunches for little creatures, there's always a history to be discovered

Bajra Millet Bhajji by chef Surinder Negi, Taj Palace, New Delhi (Credit: Taj Palace)

When will the desi millet make it to the global platter?Premium Story

November 26, 2023 07:56 IST

As chefs turn up the heat on millet makeovers, it’s yet to find its culinary feet across geographies. Can we change years of habit and comfort with our other staples like rice and wheat?

Pune gave me confidence to tackle life and remain calm no matter how severe the situation

My first Thanksgiving in Pune and what the city gave mePremium Story

November 26, 2023 06:00 IST

There's a deep sense of gratitude for the lessons of accepting the bad as readily as the good and the ability to create when feeling broken

As a homage to Uttarakhand, Himmaleh Spirits introduces India’s first provincial gin, using 11 botanicals. [Samarth Prasad (left) and Ansh Khanna, co-founders of Himmaleh Spirits]

How Indian gin makers are getting high on homegrown flavoursPremium Story

November 25, 2023 11:42 IST

From the rainwashed town of Cherrapunji to the slopes of Kumaon, from the wild ravines of Chambal to the sand dunes of Jaisalmer, Indian gin makers are bottling nostalgia and customers are asking for more

The Kalon minaret, Bukhara

How a trip to Uzbekistan made us appreciate the much-vilified BaburPremium Story

November 25, 2023 22:32 IST

Uzbekistan with its nostalgic mix of heritage, architecture and history shows how culture and beauty are for all

Dream Scenaro

‘We were taking a camera inside the dream. So, it is no longer a story, it’s an experience’ : Kristoffer BorgliPremium Story

November 24, 2023 12:43 IST

Norwegian writer-director Borgli talks about developing and making Dream Scenario, a social satire featuring Nicholas Cage in the lead, that's based on the surreal premise of an ordinary man becoming famous after he appears in strangers' dreams